Business English – ONLINE (Via Zoom)

Business English – ONLINE (Via Zoom)


Personal presentation/presentation of your organization/the cultural perspective/ relationship with the customer/suppliers/foreign partners/formal and informal communication; when and how to apply; negotiation and closing the deal

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  • Evening Classes (end of day) | 30 hours | Mondays from 19:30h-21:30h

    ONLINE – direct

  • Investiment:

    Enrolement: 50€


    Tuition: 6 monthly instalments of 65€ (if you opt for full payment you will benefit from a 5% discount)



    5% for students and partners of ENB.


    5% full payment

    Payment methods:

    Bank Transfer



  • Final evaluation of each module is based primarily on the analysis of case studies. The discussion and assessment of real cases with practical interest are privileged.


You will be able to learn and develop skills (oral and written) in what is considered to be the Universal language, in an efficient way, which will allow you to close deals, namely being able to converse and communicate with clients and suppliers. More and more, companies are in need of professionals with the ability to communicate efficiently in English.


In an increasingly globalized era, the English language plays more of an important role in companies which are in constant contact with the exterior or will need to be in contact in future business. This language, which is considered universal, is a facilitator in business relationships in the international market, including countries that are not native to the language.


People who need to acquire English communication skills now, for the work environment: This intensive English course (basic and/or intermediate) allows for the acquisition of elementary subject lines, to solve difficulties in communication that may arise during the workday.

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