Growth Marketing – Basic Concepts

Growth Marketing – Basic Concepts


  • Growth marketing definition
  • Elements of growth marketing
  • Growth strategy
  • Customer Journey map
  • Defining personas and market localization
  • Product lifecycle
  • Activating a growth strategy
  • Growth opportunities
  • Decision-making based on big data

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  • Duration: 6h |Wednesdays

    Dates: 19/07 and 21/07


  • Investment:



  • Assessment:

    The final assessment of each module is mainly based on case analysis. The discussion and appreciation of real and/or practical cases is privileged.


Learn how to build a growth team, redefine the customer journey, and identity growth levers and loops: small optimizations that can have a big impact on your marketing efforts and ROI


Growth marketing focuses on customer relationship building and fostering loyalty; it’s a long-term strategy where authenticity and engagement creates advocacy and conquers loyal customers. This course will offer a clear perspective about how to implement a growth marketing strategy that supports the business growth, helping marketers generate new ideas and accelerate sales and customer acquisition.

Course target

Business leaders; marketing, sales and communication professionals; digital marketing and strategy professionals; marketing or digital area students.