Human Resource Management and Labor Law – ONLINE (Via Zoom)

Human Resource Management and Labor Law – ONLINE (Via Zoom)


Technical Management of Human Resources:

HRM in the workplace: Managing Provisionally;

Information management of the workers;

HR Tools: Definition of Organizational Chart; description of tasks; workflow; performance evaluation; wage grid; training grid.

Labor Law

Conclusion and types of contracts vs services rendered

Temporary (updating) labor contracts

Collective Agreements

Rights and obligations of the employee and the employer

Organization of work time (hours, flexible worktime,…)

Non-work time (absences, holidays,…)

More Information

  • Evenings (end of the day) | 90 hours | Tuesdays and Thursdays

    ONLINE – direct

      Enrolement: 50€

    Tuition: 12 monthly instalments of 97.5€ (if you opt for full payment you will benefit from a 5% discount)


    5% for students and partners of ENB.


    5% full payment


  • Final evaluation of each module is based primarily on the analysis of case studies. The discussion and assessment of real cases with practical interest are privileged.


You will acquire tools which will allow your improvement in the HR department’s administrative procedures and acquire greater knowledge of labor law, enabling you to give answers to daily questions which may arise in your company, namely absences, holidays, hour bank, collective conventions,…


In a constantly changing world it is important for companies to develop and solidify the technical skills at the people management level, given that these are the professionals that dedicate themselves to the recruitment and internal development of teams, the evaluation and management of performance, as well as to the definition and compensation of functions and recognition of merits, amongst others.


Business managers and entrepreneurs; all professionals who strive to acquire global competencies in business management; entrepreneurs in search of more knowledge to run their businesses.

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