The Pillars of Servicing

The triad of customer service: Company-Employee-Customer

The triad of the service professional: Hard Skills – Soft Skills – Self-care

Profile of the Service Professional

Authenticity as a Service Model

The importance of communication in Service

Components of the communicative process

Types of communication

Questions, active listening, empathy and reformulation

Strategies to better serve

Getting to know the customer

Expectation management

Phases of Service

Practical strategies to better serve

Specific strategies for personal (face-to-face) service

Specific strategies for over-the-phone service

Specific strategies for digital service

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Enrolment: 55€ +55€ after the course starts€ (if you opt for full payment you will benefit from a 5% discount)



5% for students and partners of ENB.


5% full payment

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You will adopt a more humanized attitude in service; Learn to identify the types of existing customers and how to react to each kind; Understand the importance of managing expectations to better serve; Know the various phases of service and learn how to act in each case (be it face-to-face, over the phone or digital service).


In an ever competitive and demanding context, it is key to develop humanized service, in a way that will improve interpersonal relations with customers, colleagues and management.


Professionals who have a direct relationship with customers (external and/or internal); all professionals who wish to add-value to their relationship skills.