Taxation – ONLINE (VIA ZOOM)


Module I:  Corporate Income Tax

Module II: Personal Income Tax

Module III: Value-added Tax

Module IV: Equity Tax (IMI; IMT; IS; IUC) 

Module V: Tax Litigation

Seminar I: “Taxation of company groups” and “Taxation on merger and dissolution of companies”

Seminar II: “International Tax”

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  • Evenings (End of the day) | 144 hour

    ONLINE – direct


  • Enrolment: 50€


    Tuition: 1940 € (or payment of 12 monthly instalments)

    Payment methods:

    Bank transfer


  • Final evaluation of each module is based primarily on the analysis of case studies. The discussion and assessment of real cases with practical interest are privileged.


Will allow participants to:

Learn about taxes on equity;

Learn about and know how to apply the technical concepts used by Law and tax practices;

Calculate the taxes studied;

Understand the fundamental rights and obligations of companies in relation to the studied taxes;

Identify the implications of taxes for the economy of the company and, more particularly, its relation to accounting, finance management and cash-flow management.


Taxation conditions available family income and the taxes applied to their savings. In companies, it conditions profitability, influences decision-making about financial sources or investments and interferes with the necessities of operating funds. Understanding the specificities, the limitations and the potentialities of the fiscal system optimizes company decisions. Unawareness levers risk.


Certified accountants who strive to revise the three taxes; accounting technicians and trainee accountants that wish to develop their skills in taxes and acquire new competencies in the area of IRS, IRC and IVA.

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